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Question by Aonghas Shrugged: Have any big-scale studies investigated the persona kinds probably to adhere to “conspiracy theory” fads ….?
….relevant to diet regime and wellness (e.g. deploring “artificial chemical substances” vs. “normal” cures, favoring “colon cleansing” and “raw meals” versus “evil agribusiness”, etc.)

I am not interested in studying emotional rants rehashings of the classic debates surrounding these subjects. (These are simple to find by way of any search engine or by visiting quackery websites.) I’m asking about published psychological studies appearing in peer-reviewed journals trying to profile the varieties of men and women likely to be drawn to different well being fads despite the scientific proof weighing against their efficacy and security.
Sources/citations please?

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Reply by Mr E
apparently it never crossed your thoughts that the men and women running these “quackery” sites may well be supported by the actual quacks. so conspiracies do not exist, do they? then you had better get to operate straightening out all people misinformed history book writers. inform them that all the revolutions during the centuries had been just spontaneous well-known uprisings, that hitler’s takeover of the german government was genuine, and that the bailout of goldman sachs was the will of the american men and women. next, you are going to have to get a massive portion of the criminal code annulled, and delete all those crimes beginning with,”conspiracy to…”. use your brain, man, instead of just repeating other’s ignorance and disinformation.

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Question by Tatah: I need to have one more 1 of those “crash diets”?
Hi there, i am actually obsessed with “crash diets” and i know the damaging side results and following testing a crash diet i purposly obtain the bodyweight back yet again. What diet programs would you reconmend? So far i have done the cabbage soup 1 (which resulted in 10lbs excess weight reduction, gross smelling farts and embarrasment and now i have gone and re gained the 10lbs i am searching fir a new diet regime. Please dont suggest the salt flush a single due to the fact i detest the even though of feeling even the tiniest bit tthirsty. Any way. What do you suggest? 😀

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Response by clara
Google these crash diets… one. The milk diet regime 2. The rainbow diet regime. 3. The three day diet 4.the 2-four-six-eight diet program.

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