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Question by molzzz: I seem and really feel disgusting?
Okay. So I am sixteen, from england and I’m about a size ten/twelve. I’m not brief but i have a actually brief torso and lengthy ish legs, which seems horrid simply because i appear excess fat close to the waist. I have very a couple of spots on my face, alot of blackheads and a naturally red complexion, I have acne scars aswell. My skin is quite dry in some locations, even in which I have spots, but I seem to managing this at the second. I have allergy symptoms to typical factors like dust, they dont just make me sneeze like standard people, I cough and sneeze and I can’t see properly simply because my eyes are so itchy and red. I consider tablets for this, but my eyes are nonetheless really quite sensetive. They are red and watery far more typically than not. I also have very yellow teeth. I was born very prematurely, and it signifies I have a weakened immunne program, hence the allergic reactions + asthma. It also meant I had to have antibiotics when I was a little one, turning my adult teeth yellow. I am not unhealthy, I consume a healthier balanced diet, the odd takeaway here and there, the odd buscuit now and again. I drink a lot of water, I wash my face with a very good brand cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, along with a facial scrub after a week. I brush my teeth 3 times, a day, when I get up, after breakfast, and before I go to bed, with whitening toothpaste, it helps make no difference. I have in no way had a filling and my teeth are healthful, just yellow 🙁 I also have quite blotchy skin on my legs, and a good deal of eczema. The medical professional has provided me steroid cream, and an emollient. The cream performs, but only whilst I am employing it, and I can only use it for five days evey couple of months. I Detest IT! I do eveything I can and I still look disgusting. My closest pal, who eats utter shite, pizza, chips etc and even anaemia, has the very best figure I’ve ever observed, has a PREFECT complexion, often has carried out, has ideal legs, excellent skin, excellent every thing. I don’t get it 🙁

My asthma indicates I cannot do much cardio excercise, nonetheless considerably I attempt, using my inhaler and every little thing, and I feel that absolutely everyone at college should believe I am actually unfit 🙁 im not a match particular person, but im not really bad.

The level is, I really feel disgusting, and I don’t know what to do. It actually has an effect on my self self-assurance, I Never present my teeth when I smile, and I am permanently checking myself in the mirrors at college. When I don’t have several spots, when my eyes are not red at all, when my skin isn’t dry and my allregies are not as well poor, when I have carried out my hair and makeup, I do look okay.!/photograph.php?fbid=1766360477833&set=a.1617907886611.86967.1203793100&pid=2083612&id=1203793100

it just knocks my self-assurance so much. I detest sporting a swimming costume or even shorts or skirts in the summer season due to the fact it does demonstrate off my unpleasant figure and my horrible eczema/blotchiness. I truthfully detest it so a lot :'(

please help me 🙁 i did have a boyfriend for two years, considering that then hes been out with significantly thinner, prettier, a lot more healthful hunting girls. he is come back to me, we’ver grown collectively yet again and he constantly tells me I am gorgeous. I never know how I can think him! Truthfully, my cam can make me seem so considerably much better than I truly seem, the light can make my skin look greater, its a lot more red and has alot of red scars.

by the way, neither of my parents are wealthy at all, they are not able to afford any costly therapies unless of course they are offered on the nhs. thankyous in advance xxx

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Answer by Selena
You appear stunning! If you have lengthy legs, then just Operate THEM! a good way to do so is by sporting longer cardigans….but believe in me, ur cute

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