Query by Aonghas Shrugged: A buddy of mine was sent this “scientific explanation” for “colon cleansing.” Is she getting pranked?
The writer of the email informed her that (one) her poor breath was caused by her getting accumulated a lot of pounds of “rotting meat and other undigested food” which “is bound to stink at the two ends of the tube that goes through our bodies”, and (two) “Johnny Cash’s autopsy revealed that he had above 40 pounds of this kind of materials clogging his colon from many years of neglected colon cleansing, and that (three) the “scientific explanation” of salt water colon cleansing is as follows:

“Since the salt water has the very same distinct gravity as the blood, the kidneys cannot choose up the water and the blood can not choose up the salt, so it goes right to your digestive tract and washes you out.”

So, IS An individual Taking part in A JOKE ON MY Friend (who has a self-admitted reputation for getting gullible at occasions)?


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Certainly, it doesn’t take significantly far more than a large school biology class (or some analytical chemistry background) to see through the nonsense of #3 but #one and #two sound like someone is attempting to play “gotcha” with a gullible victim. Is this email component of some sort of spamming campaign to see if there is no restrict to the pseudo-science which can sell yet another miracle cure item? Or is it derived from some industrial pitch?

(Even so, taking into consideration the media emphasis on the overall health risks of higher-sodium diets and the reality that no one employs salty soups as laxatives, it is hard to believe that anybody would fall for this kind of “crap” — pun intended.)

And wasn’t there a spam hoax a few many years ago making a comparable declare about John Wayne’s autopsy?

But I suppose my bottom-line query is: Is someone pranking my pal or is this some type of humorous compilation of multiple spam hoaxes into one silly “exhortation”?

Best answer:

Solution by ♥ღαмαиdα♥ღ
apparently the colon is often clean… but… I do know people that do the mastercleanse diet plan (AKA lemonade diet regime) they rapidly for at least 10 days, and drink the liquid they loose tons of excess weight, but its not just the weight they loose thats the benefit… you feel sooo energetic, your skin begins to glow, your body virtually feels so soft! Seriously your arm pit and leg hairs, beard hairs… lighten and soften… its incredible what it does.
I know a particular person that did the cleanse for 60 days… the issue is you can’t just go back into the same damaging diet program you have been in… eat effectively soups, veggies, dried and fresh fruit, no processed crap, no excess amounts of sodium..
you need to do it… its a challenge but its one thing you CAN do!

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