Query by Gorgeous: A question about colon cleansing?
In the past I have had a lot of individuals inform me that colon cleansing is a myth and waste of income. Nonetheless, I decided to go along with my instinct and other peoples individual experience. I ordered something referred to as OxyPowder. This is a strong colon cleanser and has assisted many folks with significant constipation. The typical dose is 4-8 capsules a day. Well, the other evening I took two capsules and the next day I had two bowel movements as a substitute of one particular each two to 3 days. I will not comprehend why people have to be so skeptical. I’m glad I did not pay attention to ignorant men and women telling me colon cleansers do not perform. They DO operate, and perform extremely excellent. You just have to find the proper one.

What is your viewpoint on this?

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Response by Not-a-Troll-JustHaveOpinions
I am constantly constipated so no matter what performs, I will use. I am actually full of zhit.

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