Question by Aasim: Acne and other spots?
Im 15 and have acne on my face only. I have about 3 acne spots so far. My nose produces so significantly oil during the day but I use clearsil in the morning but I will not consider it performs. I have black heads under the eye and midpoint from the my right nostril. Also the I have spots on my forehead but are just spots that are skin coloured. They have no colour and are just the exact same colour of my skin. I truly dislike this soo a lot I come to feel like receiving a knife and just scraping them off. Are there any creams or treatment options available.
I used to be fairly excellent looking before this. I dislike going higher school and I’m not confident.
I heard guys can put on make up to cover acne and acne scars is that true.

Ideal solution:

Answer by Amrik

I suffered previously like your self, experimented with clearasil, Nivea, and other merchandise.
None worked, very best suggestion is going to your medical doctor and he will prescribe you some stronger cream which functions much better.

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