Query by Tomboy: assist with dropping excess weight snacks and exercise?
Im 14 and tryna lose bodyweight is this a very good and healthier evening snack a banana smoothie one banana somr namural yoghurt and some milk is all i place into it and 2 pieces of toast brown bread practically nothing onit just dry toast is the waybi like it
I have 3 meals a day occasionally 2 depending if it is a day when im in college (wich tbh aint much cause i never ever go too school) i have my breakfast at 8:20am then have my lunch at 1:15pm and have my tea at 4:30pm when i get hone result in i stroll property then i have a snack at 7:30pm caise i am hungry and is a banana smoithie and 2 pieces of toast ok and healthful for loseing bodyweight and on a day when im not in college i have my breakfast at 12pm then my dinner at 4pm and a snack at 7:30pm and its the very same snack once more is it a excellent snack
Also with my exercise i stroll for an hour at 5:20pm until six:20pm and too work off some of the calories from the snack i do the stroll away the lbs with leslie sansone the three mile one particular at like 11 or twelve at night trigger i dont want any of my loved ones walking in on me and i walk home from college (wich yet again isnt much) wich will take 30 mins is this sufficient workout presently my doc said also include operating/jogging when i stroll but i dont like men and women seeing me so ought to i just start off walking more like include walking at 7am till 8am too make up for the running she desires me too do
Thanks for your help

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Answer by neil
the 1st factor I suggest is to go to school. your grammar and English is piss poor.

as for the snack, smoothies actually aren’t that low in fat. and milk definitely is not very good for shedding weight.

attempt just eating the banana or some other fruit. possibly greek yogurt would be good. if you do drink milk, reduce it to 2% or skim milk..

jogging would also help. I would not be concerned about anybody seeing you.

as for the rest, I have a hard time understanding you and I recommend you concern by yourself with your writing skills as much as your dieting capabilities.

but good luck.

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