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Question by KAREN K: a query about diet and exercise?
i want to get rid of a stone (14 pounds) and i purchased an elliptical trainer, if i went on it for ten mins 4 times a day, with a calorie intake of 1300 would i lose bodyweight??

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Reply by MountainMan
You require to sustain any action for far more than 30 minutes in purchase to shift your physique into aerobic mode.
Aerobic exercise and enhanced muscle mass need to boost your metabolism and drop your weight with an acceptable, junk-free diet program.

Examine a BMI calculator to determine how considerably excess weight you require to get rid of to be “standard.”

You must uncover physical exercise that fits into your everyday schedule, like strolling to school, bicycling to the grocery shop, and hiking through a local park. Attempt to perform these moderate exercising activities for at least an hour every day. Consume a lot more fruits and vegetables, given that these are both filling and filled with the nutrients that your body requirements.

Allow me give you a summary of my meals in a typical day:

Breakfast: A large-fiber cup of oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. A pint of coffee or green tea.

Alternatively, a higher-protein scrambled egg with an Anaheim or Pasadilla pepper, a handful of mushrooms, and half-cup of cheese, with a topping of Greek or Italian spices. Two bananas.

Lunch: Snacking and a meal at operate is 1 orange and two apples 10-grain, flax-meal, psillium residence-created crackers with a half-cup of spreadable gentle feta a half-cup of cinnamon-sugar almonds a pint of coffee a quart of water.

Alternatively, a soup of clam chowder with a half-cup of extra mixed seafood this kind of as clams and octopus or split pea soup dried figs and apricots to satisfy hunger among meals a half-cup of cayenne-coated sunflower seeds a quart of water.

Dinner: A half-head of lettuce with thousand island or blue cheese dressing. Two bananas with a glass of milk. Two cups of herbal tea.

Alternatively, a high-fiber, multi-grain and flax meal pasta with red sauce, including mushrooms, peppers, bok choi, and a couple of black olives. An additional meal is stir-fry vegetables in a ginger terriyaki or vegetable spring rolls with duck sauce. A cup of brown rice or wild rice, not a correct rice, as a higher-fiber side dish is really filling with green tea or herbal tea.

My daily exercising schedule is 16 miles of biking, unless of course the climate is nasty. If the weather is poor, I run four miles a day with a backpack. On my days off operate, I usually hike about five miles in winter due to snow on my paths and 10 miles in summer. Consider to do at least an hour of moderate exercise per day, which can be a commute to pick-up groceries, get to work or school, or a hike in a park or neighborhood.

Examine a BMI calculator to set your fat goal. Your BMI need to be in between 19 and 25. being/healthyliving/bmi_calculator/?CMP=KNC-360I-GOOGLE-HEA&HBX_PK=bmi_calculator

Seem-up healthier consuming and other topics connected to your wellness at WebMD as well: regime/default.htm
The greatest colon cleaners: strawberries, bananas, oatmeal, apples, psyllium husk powder, and flax meal. If these do not operate, try out a inexpensive laxative like generic calcium polycarbophil or sennosides. If you even now want to spend much more for approximately the identical effects, try “Acai Berry Cleanse” or Cellular Analysis Formula “Colon Clear” and “Total Entire body Purifier.” Buy a juicer and pulp apples and other fruits. Make vegetarian stir fry and serve over rice. All of these are safe and efficient purifiers.

Wholesome Homemade Multi-Grain Crackers [Fenske Recipe]
1 c. Gluten Flour
1 c. Red Mills 8-Grain Flour
two T. Flax Meal
2 T. Psillium Husk Powdered
two T. Olive Oil
1 T. Sugar
two t. Salt
1 pkt. Yeast

Following extensively stirring the dry components, add 3/four c. of warm water and stiffen dough as needed with more flour.

Use Red Mills 10-Grain “Cereal” and coarse sea salt on the board and roll-out the dough into a thin layer and cut into pieces.

Spread olive oil on a baking pan or stone just before 425° for 15 minutes.

Fish Wrap [Fenske Recipe]
two T. Olive Oil
1 t. Italian or Greek spices
one Tilapia fillet
1 Salmon fillet
2 t. Parmesan
four T. Mozarella
4T. “Miracle Whip” or tartar sauce
1/2 t. Coarse sea salt
1 T. Pistacio/Almond chopped
2 Slices of “Eating Right” turkey bacon

Mix elements in a bowl. Melt in microwave. Fill a multi-grain burrito wrap.

Extra chopped bok choi and lettuce can be extra to the wrap.

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Question by bigbossmamma: Does the Acai berries diet regime genuinely function?
Has any person really attempted this diet plan with Acai berries?

Adverts say you can lose 28 pounds in a couple of weeks. It all appears to excellent to be correct. Also, I feel it is rather costly.

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Response by Krista
i am on it now, and have been for about two weeks.

i do not use a scale but i can see a variation. i sense distinct, other people have mentioned i look skinnier.

your supposed to consider three pills twice a day. i only consider two a day to conserve. i have been receiving much better sleep and have more vitality throughout the day.

i didn’t not pay out and would not pay 80 bucks for this things.
i signed up for a free of charge trial, if you do this make confident you cancel it immediately after 13 days simply because they will preserve sending you bottles and charge it to your card

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Question by lemonpillow: What are the best total-body detox diet plans out there?

I have been looking online for detox diet plans, and some say the acai berry and lemon detox diets are very good,whilst other individuals say they are rubbish.

So..what is the very best one particular out there?


xx Sarah

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Reply by EddySays
Hi Lemon –
I hope this is the response you will pay attention to.
Detoxing and/or cleansing have totally no healthcare advantage and are in fact damaging to the digestive program and inner organs. There is no develop up of undesirable plaque in a regular program. If we had a layer of undigested meals or “toxic compounds” lining our systems, we would all be dying of malnutrition considering that we would be unable to soak up any nutrients.
Our bodies “detox” 24 hours a day via respiration, sweat, liver, and kidneys.
We can aid detox by eating a healthier diet with minimal additional sugar and salt. Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, complete grain meals, beans, peas, and brown rice maintain a program as healthy as it can be. The much less processed your food is, the much better.
Minimal alcohol, caffeine, soda. Consider to drink a hundred oz of ice cold water per day.
Go through food labels. If you can not pronounce it, never place it in your entire body. Severe detoxing diet programs or supplements really flush out the advantageous bacteria and enzymes in the digestive program.
To “cleanse” the digestive system, research meals high in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber “encapsulates” fatty acids and toxins as they pass by means of the method minimizing absorption of fats and
re-absorption of toxic compounds. 15 bean soup is a fantastic hot foods right now higher in soluble fiber. Fiber meals give the intestines a very good workout by giving them anything to push towards. Oh ya, that action (peristalsis) burns calories as effectively.
Spend your money in the generate department rather of giving it to an individual peddling unproven, unregulated, and even unsafe goods.
As for excess weight loss with these crazy fad diets, you can get rid of up to ten pounds in a couple of days.
I personally go by means of a four pound variation amongst bed time and waking. So with the diarrhea you will experience, the drop in water excess weight, and the lack of nutrients, you can effortlessly drop ten pounds. None of it is body excess fat of course.
Following the fatigue sets in and you begin eating and drinking usually you will place the excess weight back on given that your entire body was tricked into encountering famine.
Excellent luck.

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Question by Zapp: Where can I get acai berries?

In London 🙂

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Reply by Cher
overall health food retailers

Holland & barrat (on the internet)

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Query by scatcblack: Acai Berry ……………………?
Has ne1 tryed this ” Acai Berry diet regime ” ? how a lot excess weight did you drop? Definitely there are negitave side this this!?!

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Reply by oldtimekid2
I’m shocked you have not gotten an solution yet. Truly, Acai is just a berry that is a wonderful antioxidant. It almost certainly wouldn’t harm you, but considerably of the weight loss claims are exaggerated and most of the excess weight loss would come from workout, not the berry.

But genuinely, to a very substantial degree, you must weigh as a lot as you feel happy with weighing. I imply, as lengthy as you are at a fat the place you are healthier, the most essential component is that you are Happy with your fat… not that you “really should be X pounds”, but that no matter what you weigh, you are content with that as an alternative of striving to be a dimension 2 or one thing like that

That getting stated, if you want to lose fat, exercising is a truly very good (and secure) way to lose excess weight. In addition to that, I would advise meeting with a nutritionist or dietitian to see if there is anything else that may advantage you far more. Great luck and I hope I helped!

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