Colonoscopy: It&#39s All in the Preparation
Although there are newer, less invasive colorectal cancer screening strategies, this kind of as guaiac and immunochemical-based mostly fecal occult blood testing, colonoscopy allows examination of the total colon with higher sensitivity and specificity and makes it possible for for …
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ten best super meals to give your physique a improve
This produces an alkalizing effect on the physique. The much more alkaline your entire body is, the healthier it is. A diseased state will only take place when your physique PH is acidic. Lemons are also a excellent cleanser and assist purify the blood, kidneys and liver. A diuretic …
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Well being advantages of ginger tea
An additional examine suggests ginger helps to lessen inflammation in the colon, which in flip helps to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. It also reduces arthritis discomfort and inflammation. Ginger is wealthy in … It assists in cleansing the program of …
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