A few nice detox diets images I found:

#1367 run light and clean

Image by Nemo’s great uncle
• うんちドッサリ!お腹スッキリ!(unchi dossari. o-naka sukkiri) = lit. "excrement floods, your gut is clean"
• 自然でやさしい滑らかなお通じ(shizen de yasashii nameraka na o-tsūji) = "natural, easy, smooth regularity" ⇐ What’s "natural" about a laxative?

Japanese young women know that constipation is bad for the complexion, but starve themselves anyway, so drugstores do a roaring business in laxatives (and, more recently, fiber supplements).

• 便秘(bempi) = "constipation"
• 肌荒れ(hada-are) = "rough dry skin"

"Only in Japan" department: Even turds are turned into cute (漫画チック) characters. うんたろう (♂) and うん子 (♀) would be one possibility.

has at least two kun readings.
• お腹(o-naka) = "appetite , bread basket, hunger, midriff , mother’s womb , stomach, tum, tummy , tumtum, waistline"
• 腹(hara) = "abdomen, belly, gut, stomach"

• どっさり(dossari) = "all of a heap, in shoals, oodles, slew"
• すっきり(sukkiri) = "clearing, refreshing, relieving"
• ぽっこり(pokkori) = "flabbiness"

• お通じ(o-tsūji) = lit. "honorable passing through" = "relief from constipation"
• うんち(unchi) = うんこ(unko) = "crap, doodie, doo-doo, doody, number two, poo, poo-poo, squat"
• 糞(kuso) = "big hit, buffalo chip, cack, clinker, cow chip, cow pie, crap, defecation, dog dirt, dog litter, dog-doo, doggy do, dog-log, droppings, dung, excrement, faeces, feces, horse biscuit, manure, muck, ordure, poop, rabbit pellets, road apples, scat, shit, skat, spoor, turd, turds, worm cast”

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Vegetable Broth Brewing

Image by LollyKnit
Loads of fresh veggies~
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