Epsom Salts ten x ten Grams Foil Fresh Sachets BP/FCC Grade

Epsom Salts 10 x 10 Grams Foil Fresh Sachets BP/FCC Grade

  • 10 Gram Foil Fresh Sachets. Successful in a selection of applications.
  • Epsom salt also may be used to complete a liver detox and a kidney flush.
  • It is a all-natural solution, containing magnesium sulphate as its energetic ingredient.
  • Has a assortment of medicinal makes use of, which includes soothing achy, sore muscle tissue and relieving small to reasonable constipation
  • Excellent for a colon cleanse just add one sachet to half pint of water.

1 of the numerous utilizes epsom salts has is cleansing the colon, add a 10g sachet to half a pint of water and stir until dissolved.

An Epsom salt colon cleanse can produce a bowel motion in as minor as thirty minutes.

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