Question by Louise M: Get a flat stomach following Christmas, and clear spots?
I’m 14 and go back to school on Thursday, so I have made a decision to commence “detoxing” and attempt get rid of my spots I’ve gained and Christmas excess weight. I am not obese but I just want to be in a position to get a flat abdomen. Are there any techniques (exercises?) to do this? And any ideas on clearing spots and blackheads? Getting a teenager I’ve got a quick metabolic process, so it’s much more tone than bodyweight I am concerned about.

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Response by Anna Clark
I find performing yoga workout routines assists tone my physique truly properly. If you are not into that kind of stuff or you uncover the flexibility a problem, I recommend carrying out sit ups in your space. Give your self the aim of 20 sit-ups a day to start with 10 in the morning and ten in the evening, then sooner or later build that up.

As for spot clearing, I have tried so numerous things but I feel I’ve now identified out how to make them chill out.
First of all, always be positive to take away your makeup completely with makeup remover wipes. Secondly, try not to touch your face a good deal for the duration of the day as all the bacteria on your hands that you have picked up when touching items at college like door handles and other peoples’ pens and so forth, will get on your encounter. Consider not to eat too numerous greasy items, as this ends up making your skin greasy as properly.
There are some products that I would advise, like Clearasil pore cleansing pads. Use one a day and it genuinely assists clean all the bacteria out of your pores.
Other than that just keep in mind to wash your face with soap and water at least as soon as a day.
I hope this helps!

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