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50. cancer-of-the-colon

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Colon cancer as effectively as colon cleansing is well-known subjects these days. There are several frightening statistics out there but here are some constructive ones which I believe will be beneficial. 95% of all colon cancers can be stopped if caught early enough. Also professionals agree that colon cancer might be prevented completely by way of a high-fiber, low-excess fat diet regime.

M. Sara Rosenthal, creating in her book 50 Approaches to Stop Colon Cancer explains that the colon in essence acts as a strong waste container, drying out the waste that doesn’t get absorbed additional up.


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The downward spiral of film cameras at the Flea continues. It has passed through its &quotDancing With The Stars&quot phase and now is in the realm of the Colon-Cleansing Homeopathic Pill Infomercial.

However I suppose these 35mm bodies don’t count. They appear like the type of issues that would be mounted on a piece of lab tools so that a researcher can get a snap of what’s going on with that culture of e.colorombus.