Hattie Gladwell wages war on anti-smoking advert warning smokers about colon
… a consequence of smoking. &#39I&#39m Julia, I smoked and I received colon cancer. I had chemo and two surgeries. But what I hated the most, was the colostomy bag. That&#39s the place they re-route your intestines so you have bowel movements that go into a bag,&#39 she …
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200 Sickened On Two Cruise Ships – 1 Blamed On Norovirus, The Other A
The shut quarters and propensity for the sickness to spread very easily from passengers and crew, as they get on board from land, also don&#39t make it any less complicated. But it&#39s not that tough to hold from getting sick: wash your hands and use sanitizer religiously …
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Colorectal Cancer Screening Prevents Cancer, Saves Lives
For a single thing, colonoscopy, the most successful approach for colorectal cancer screening, needs preparation. To do a colonoscopy, your physician inserts a colonoscope, a extended tube with a camera and … It includes having to get strong laxatives to …
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