HealthyLife® Detox Foot Pads Patches (50 Pieces) + Free Bag

HealthyLife® Detox Foot Pads Patches (50 Pieces) + Free Bag

  • HealthyLife Detox Foot Pads draw dangerous harmful toxins by means of the bottom of your feet by employing distilled bamboo vinegar.
  • All you do is place the pads on the soles of your feet. As you sleep, the vinegar sucks the evil harmful toxins from all your organs, through your blood stream, till they pass through the bottom of your foot in which they are absorbed by the pad.
  • It functions on all kinds of contaminants which includes hefty metals, metabolic waste, microscopic parasites, mucous and even cellulite.
  • There have been scientific studies completed, that demonstrate that when specific factors in the foot are pressed thru accupressure factors, elements of the brain light up in a catscan. So why not give them a try out and see for yourself.

The reflexology points on the best, arch and heel of the sole of your feet represent different components of your physique. Please see the diagram on the reverse side of the box.

You have to throw away the patches following 1 use. Reuse of utilised patches will not be effective in your detoxification hard work. Utilised patches can’t be reused due to the fact they will:
a. incorporate the harmful toxins from your body, specially if the sachets seem dark in colour
b. harden after they are exposed to moi

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