Query by helpxxmexxnow: How can i get rid of this unwanted fat roll of my stomach?
im 13 im 5’3″ and weigh just underneath 100pounds….im not unwanted fat anywhere but on the bottom of my stomach. it like stickes out and and will get worse when i sit down. it shouldnt bother me but it does and i really wana kno how to get rid of it quick. its always been like this but i by no means cared until finally now. my mom thinks its a digestion difficulty? ive been performing ab workout routines like puttin my legs up in the air and doin crunches like that cuz i heard it worked actually excellent. effectively ive been doin it for a although now and of course nothing….how can i get rid of this so i dont appear or feel like an idiot in my bikini?
ok i know im underweight but so is my mom and dad so its like in my genes or wtevr im lookin to loose excess weight just to get rid of that difficulty
oops i meant not seeking to loose excess weight

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Solution by dasher
underneath a hundred pounds and 5′ three”…..honey, you are underweight.

preserve doing exercises and it will tone the muscles. please dont try out to loose bodyweight

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