Question by Billie: How do I do a seven day detox?
How would I do a seven day detox? Will it slow down my metabolism? And if so, how do I get back into nomal eating habits afterwards without gaininng weight?

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Answer by help???
Actually I’ve heard they can actually sorta speed you up, (once the junk is out of your bowels, and intestines) A few times, I purchased the 3-bottle systems where the pills are taken in a sequence, according to the directions, as it really seemed to make a nice *difference, making me feel exhilarated when the process is don. Usually it’s a full week, till all the pills are gone. the one I used was highly recommend, cost $ 96.00 as I’d do it again anytime. (if I had the money, and was not such a careful eater, myself.) Ask around.

It has been explained that people can loose up to 5 lbs, (as our gut many times just accumulates slush) and it is considered toxic. Getting a better type of product here is really a good idea, or go see a Herbalist, or Natural Healthy Doctor. It is advised to do it every 3-4 months, like every season, for the best results.

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