How Listening to Music and Fighting with Susan Sontag Helped Me Cope with
She scheduled an urgent PET scan to get much more in depth pictures of my liver. I had the strange sensation of my internal world—synapses, blood rhythms, identity, aspirations—shifting in response to the gravitational pull of a new and precarious orbit …
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How to Make a Easy, Classy Bloody Mary to Quell Your New Year&#39s Hangover
No, you&#39re at brunch, and must resort to the down-home homeopathy of the hair of the puppy. … The tomato juice (or, much better, V-8) supplies a cleansing vibe to individuals feeling guilty about their consumption of harmful toxins and some semblance of nutrition to people …
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The Privatization of War: Private Mercenaries and the “War on Terror” in
In Bosnia, MPRI won a contract to train and modernize the Croatian army, overseeing the rooting out of “communist dead wood”, which set the groundwork for ethnic cleansing by helping to generate an ethnically pure army (several of these purged had served in …
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