Question by Abbi: How much weight did you lose on the master cleanse (lemonade/maple syrup diet)?
Hi I am starting the master cleanse on Monday, would just like to know how much weight people have lost of it, any experiences and tips?

I do not want people to tell me not to do it am doing it anyway, I have read that I will put all weight I lose back on. I am not doing it for weight loss that is just a big bonus I am doing it to detoxify my body as I wish to turn vegan.

Thank you

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Answer by thewaythingsare
ha ha. Another bonehead who thinks there is such a thing as ‘detox’.

look behind you after having a crap. Ta-da: detox in action!

now stop talking it…

BTW how is maple syrup (solid sugar) going to help you lose weight?

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