Question by Tatah: I need to have one more 1 of those “crash diets”?
Hi there, i am actually obsessed with “crash diets” and i know the damaging side results and following testing a crash diet i purposly obtain the bodyweight back yet again. What diet programs would you reconmend? So far i have done the cabbage soup 1 (which resulted in 10lbs excess weight reduction, gross smelling farts and embarrasment and now i have gone and re gained the 10lbs i am searching fir a new diet regime. Please dont suggest the salt flush a single due to the fact i detest the even though of feeling even the tiniest bit tthirsty. Any way. What do you suggest? 😀

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Response by clara
Google these crash diets… one. The milk diet regime 2. The rainbow diet regime. 3. The three day diet 4.the 2-four-six-eight diet program.

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