Ionic Foot Detox – 5 Day Treatment Pack *Draws hazardous substances out of your physique*

Ionic Foot Detox - 5 Day Treatment Pack *Draws harmful substances out of your body*

  • All natural tree extract detox foot pads!
  • Draws out harmful toxins although you rest!
  • Assists combat fatigue & even bodyweight loss!
  • Works quicker than other detox strategies!
  • Straightforward to use – leaves feet odour totally free!

These Remarkable Progressive Mammoth XT Foot Pads are formulated in Japan making use of all-natural tree extracts and potent adverse ions to rid the entire body of hazardous harmful toxins. The foot pad function on the principle of foot reflexology. Consumers merely place the pads on the soles of their feet like big Band-aids just before going to bed.

By morning the pads will have absorbed harmful toxins accumulated in the physique from pollution, radiation publicity, and so forth., turning the white pads to a shade from gray to black. Ancient C

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