Childhood vaccination prices may possibly be reduced for military little ones
Youngsters with dad and mom in the military might have lower vaccination rates than other little ones, according to a huge U.S. survey. Even with socioeconomic aspects taken into account, parents&#39 memories and medical doctors&#39 records recommended that far more military youngsters …
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New blood exams, liquid biopsies, may possibly transform cancer care
The tests are mainly utilised when a tissue biopsy can&#39t effortlessly be accomplished, when the cancer&#39s original website isn&#39t acknowledged, or when medication have stopped working and doctors are unsure what to try out next, explained Dr. Scott Kopetz, a colon cancer specialist at MD Anderson.
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Scientists race to beat mosquito resistance in fight against malaria
Malaria exams are seen on a table in the Ta Gay Laung village hall in Hpa-An district in Kayin state, south-eastern Myanmar, November 28, 2014. REUTERS/Astrid Zweynert. Mosquitoes are swiftly building resistance to insecticides used in bed nets that&nbsp…
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