UMOYO Normal Overall health COLUMN: Clean out your colon today
Diet is definitely crucial in retaining your colon wholesome and clean, but for most of us, our colons are already carrying a hefty toxic load – in which case I highly suggest colon hydrotherapy, an amazingly powerful therapy that will quickly minimize the …
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Sinusitis, mucus discharge and systemic candidiasis (2)
Whoever does not like or tolerate raw garlic may try the adourless garlic perles which some authorities say are much less potent, or Kyolic proprietary garlic, an adourless brand aged for about 15 months and said to be about 50 occasions more potent than …
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Appreciating Juice for its Very own Sake Recipe
And for God&#39s sake, no one particular wants to hear you utter the word “colonic.” You can just drink it: It&#39s juice. But thanks to the staying electrical power of the cleanse-diet plan trend, the freshly squeezed …. The downtown L.A. store (close to the trend district, naturally …
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