Some great pure cleanse photos:

~Perched Plank~

Image by ViaMoi
Someones efforts, swept away in a rage of water downstream to the mouth of the sea.
Probably a pure cleaning of the disturbance?

Papa Juhani Mikstuur

Image by jurvetson
I observed this for sale in Tallinn, and it seemed just best!

With potent marketing and advertising on the back label, for a bottle of dry sticks and leaves:

“Instructions: just pour vodka in excess of the components and wait a day or two.

This distinctive herbal tipple will give magnificent moments. The combine is a hundred% organic. It consists of only organic Estonian herbs from pristine woodland. The mixture is an outstanding formula for regulating the body’s organic cleansing functions and stimulated metabolism. It helps regulate the whole digestive method, acts as a reproductive rejuvenative and sustained vitality. As well, the drink aids in the flow of blood to the heart and is a true potency enhancer.”