Query by Aonghas Shrugged: A buddy of mine was sent this “scientific explanation” for “colon cleaning.” Is she being pranked?
The writer of the electronic mail told her that (one) her negative breath was induced by her possessing accumulated a lot of pounds of “rotting meat and other undigested foods” which “is bound to stink at the two ends of the tube that goes by way of our bodies”, and (2) “Johnny Cash’s autopsy exposed that he had above 40 pounds of this kind of material clogging his colon from many years of neglected colon cleaning, and that (three) the “scientific explanation” of salt water colon cleansing is as follows:

“Given that the salt water has the same particular gravity as the blood, the kidneys can not select up the water and the blood are unable to choose up the salt, so it goes right to your digestive tract and washes you out.”

So, IS A person Taking part in A JOKE ON MY Good friend (who has a self-admitted track record for being gullible at times)?


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Naturally, it doesn’t take a lot more than a large school biology class (or some analytical chemistry background) to see by means of the nonsense of #3 but #1 and #2 sound like somebody is trying to perform “gotcha” with a gullible victim. Is this e mail portion of some sort of spamming campaign to see if there is no restrict to the pseudo-science which can sell nevertheless one more miracle cure product? Or is it derived from some business pitch?

(Even so, contemplating the media emphasis on the wellness dangers of high-sodium diet plans and the reality that no person employs salty soups as laxatives, it is tough to feel that anyone would fall for such “crap” — pun intended.)

And was not there a spam hoax a couple of many years ago creating a similar claim about John Wayne’s autopsy?

But I suppose my bottom-line question is: Is an individual pranking my good friend or is this some type of humorous compilation of numerous spam hoaxes into a single silly “exhortation”?

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Solution by Foot
yeah, its a hoax.
i suggest, a couple of bits of what it says are true. but mainly, hoax

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