Query by Alaurah: my doctor says i need to have to modify my diet program/life-style because i have pre-diabete but i am already a health person?
i have been sick for ages and had blood exams last week. i saw my physician for the results these days and mentioned that my glucose level is also large and it is 6.seven and something 6.six+ is classed as currently being diabetic. he says i need to commence eating healthier and working out.

the factor is, i am previously a single of the healthiest individuals i know. i have mild asthma and every single time i go for my asthma evaluation the nurse checks my blood stress. last time i went (about two weeks ago) she said it was ”perfect as ever”. i am constantly getting moaned and as well as complimented on for my healthier diet program. i am vegetarian so i eat plenty of veg and fruit and i dont truly like sugary items.

also i am on a skilled roller derby group so i am physically match. i train for roller derby about 3 occasions a week. i also run 4 mornings a week and dance a good deal. and surf for 4 hrs a week.

how can i get my gp to comprehend that i cant be any healthier without having it taking other my existence? my buddies are often telling me to relax as it is. It really is SO Aggravating.

any tips thanks xxxx
dr schmiity = never ever stated they were the very same factor. idiot. kisses xxxx

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Reply by Britney
Possibly you need to go to one more doctor or see a dietitian. Perhaps you consume too several carbs. Some men and women genetically are destined to be diabetics.

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