Query by lovestoned: slimfast??
has anybody experimented with the slimfast diet program amnd does it perform? i am at the moment on my 3rd day of it and have two shakes a day and a healthful 600 calorie meal for dinner like spaghetti bolognese etc… any comments will be valuable and will i have misplaced a whole lot of weight by june as i am goin on vacation i am also carrying out the charlie brookes dvd everyday
i dotn consume red meat i use quorn as its reduce in claories and excess fat and have issues such as grilled chicken breast and wholemeal pasta

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Response by tuddy
i havent attempted it but i know folks who have misplaced bodyweight on it. i guess you have to be mindful when you come off it

my tips would be weigh oneself when a week, and if you havent misplaced fat, either minimize your day-to-day calories by 10% or do more exercise (or both!)

eg as an alternative of a 600 calorie meal, have a 540 calorie meal (a single less spoonful of spaghetti sauce!)

preserve undertaking that until youre shedding bodyweight, then remain at your fat reduction calorie intake until you hit your target bodyweight

the theory of losing bodyweight is dead effortless – eat fewer calories than you burn up off

excellent luck

edit – that water therapy sounds dodgy – youre not supposed to drink although consuming cos it messes up your capacity to digest meals (water dilutes your digestive enzymes)

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