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Question by Veggiehotgirl: Why do individuals judge overweight men and women who drink Diet regime Coke or Diet regime Pepsi?
I imply, even if they buy a McDonald’s meal or a cake and have Diet program Coke with it, they may be consuming it because they favor it to standard Coke or simply because they will not want to drink their calories, they’d rather eat them. I’m not skinny but I’m not overweight both and I drink Diet plan Coke with a great deal of meals except breakfast or my bedtime snack (I drink fruit juice at breakfast or just before bed except if it is a Friday or Saturday evening, then I’ll drink vodka and Coke before bed). I will eat chocolate or biscuits or a veggie burger meal and have a Diet regime Coke drink, but which is since it truly is my favourite drink (and apple juice is my other favourite) and my mum doesn’t allow me drink the complete fat Coke. So why do individuals get so judgemental of hefty people who drink diet drinks?

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Answer by T.
I shake my head also. It’s because we all know that a Diet Coke will not assist your diet when your are consuming a cake, biscuits or chocolate. It is almost too comical.

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