Query by salem: Assist! I have dry skin but not flaky…?
My skin’s been like this for a number of years (at least, I’ve only noticed it when I began sporting makeup I would say). It is dry but not flaky, it just doesn’t have ANY moisture, nor is it smooth like the skin on the rest of my physique like my arms. I have attempted cleansers and so a lot of moisturisers but anytime I apply foundation following a brief time it just looks genuinely dry, especially below my eyes. I can’t describe it that properly, but as an instance if I was to rub my finger beneath my eye it would pull at the skin instead than gently blend in the foundation (immediately after it has set). I’ve attempted googling my “skin type” but haven’t found anyone with the exact same issues I discover. Does anyone know what I can do to aid it?

*NOTE* I drink plenty of water and normally eat properly despite the fact that like everybody I do have the occasional scoffing of some unhealthy foods!

If you’re going to say some thing like “tone”, “cleanse”, “exfoliate” or “moisturise” please can you give me Brands! I just want smooth skin that tends to make my basis use easily. Thank you!!

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Reply by Celica
You need moisturizer. I suggest Palmer’s for all skin care requirements.

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