Question by Topaz: Vegan Soap for the Face?
Hey all 🙂
I am searching for soap to use exclusively for my face. Does any individual know of any quality Vegan soap in the United kingdom? ideally with some pure vital oils extra into the soap?…

Cheers : D

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Answer by LollyPolly
Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Liquid Castile Soap is the best! You can not only you it for your face but like hundreds of other factors and its not high-priced! All the ingredients are fantastic…ALL of them are pure essential oils. I will list the ingredients beneath.

Water, Natural Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Organic Fair Trade Olive Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Natural Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol.

This stuff is Amazing. Leaves your face sooo soft and not also dry. It cleans away all oils with out drying it out. You know it has ALL very good stuff in it and if you do not like the Tea Tree smell (that’s the one I use) they have like 10 other smells.(rose, lavender, typical, and so on) But Tea Tree is very best for acne. I personally never have acne just blend skin-but it operates for me so what ever!

Another fantastic high quality face wash is from the entire body store. But it depends on how your skin is…they have a lot of distinct lines of skin care goods for distinct skin. I use seaweed encounter wash from there also. It is all vegan, and fair trade. Go on there internet site

They are also wonderful! My skincare schedule is dr bronner’s in the morning(it cleans off oil greater) and the body store seaweed facial milk cleanser at night(it removes ALL make up and is not as “cleansing”). The Dr Bronner’s stuff Truly cleans your encounter but not as well harshly like it cleans it properly but right after your encounter is soft and clean. Exactly where the seaweed stuff will take off dirt and does not get rid oils THAT a lot. That is why I use it at evening..if you truly like tea tree or some other smell each brands have many diverse selections 🙂

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