Query by llama corn: Require solutions to a few problems?
okay I have a couple ‘Problems’ I would like explanations to, thanks for the aid!:)
1) I sometimes get genuinely reduced, and depressed, one particular minute I’m pleased then the next 2nd morbidly depressed, I self harm sometimes, but have not carried out so for a couple of weeks, right after speaking to my greatest good friend about it,I will not feel the need to have to. Also, I just really feel so unloved and worthless,like everyone’s watching me,wont leave me alone,waiting for me to slip up just so they can laugh, also, every month or so, it transpires fairly randomly I will be woken up in the night, with the sound of a female screaming inside my head, it truly is scary and decreases me to tears most times. Any tips?
two) I am always super fatigued, to the extent exactly where a single evening, my zip received caught and I was almost crying since my muscle groups felt so weak and I was just so exhausted, and frustrated that I could not even do something trivial like undo my zip! I sleep for at least 8 hrs each evening, perhaps extended. i do not do significantly sport,maybe occasionally, and I go out and see my pals a lot but not so considerably that it would physically tire me out. It really is like I just cannot move? My muscle groups burn and feel like they collapse if I do?
3) so there’s this boy I have liked for some time, but he’s 3 many years older than me,and he admitted to liking me, and he is NOT doing that for sexual reasons, all we’ve ever completed is hug, and he’s by no means described anything to do with sex to me, I just never want him or myself to get insulted for dating a person older/younger and also my parents wouldn’t be really happy, my mums truly rigid.
Thanks & no rude comments make sure you:)

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Answer by willy wom bat
hi am sorry to hear about your troubles. but you haven’t stated you age simply because you appear to have problems with your boyfriend and your really stringent mum. you obviously like your boyfriend and he seem to be a really nice man or woman without a doubt. and your also very worried about what other folks might think. and the other concerns that you have i would strongly advise counselling like a theraphist there really excellent certainly they will get to the root result in of the difficulties and support you adress these problems.

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