Query by Grey Tower: Was Jesus’ sacrifice invalidated due to the fact he was resurrected and did Jesus in fact shed his blood?
The purpose I ask is some men and women think there was no true sacrifice simply because Jesus was resurrected. Also, some folks consider that if he was resurrected bodily, then Jesus would have taken back what he had sacrificed – his physical physique – and so they conclude Jesus was resurrected as a spirit creature.

What does the Bible tell us about atonement for sin and how does this apply to the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus?
Homework? At my age? I do not believe so!
Check out Huge Guy 360’s reply on sin, atonement and the shedding of blood. Is the lifestyle in the blood? Yes. Did Jesus shed his blood? Yes. Was Jesus’ sacrifice valid? Yes. Did his resurrection invalidate the atonement? No.
With regard to “the body of sin” we need to have to keep in mind that Jesus was with no sin. He did not deserve to die. “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we may possibly turn into the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians five:21). Jesus, the only completely righteous particular person ever to draw breath, took our sin upon himself and endured the punishment we deserved, namely death and separation from God. Jesus made it possible for us to receive his righteousness and so be reconciled to God. All of this is freely offered to us because of the initiative of divine grace. Where in the Bible does it say Jesus’ bodily entire body was destroyed in the tomb, or conveniently disappeared? Exactly where in the Bible does it say Jesus’ body and blood had to be consumed with fire? If Jesus’ physique was not resurrected, then there is no hope of any resurrection for anyone.
The solution from Juice is clear and I realize what’s becoming mentioned, but if Jesus’ bodily body and his blood had been consumed by fire, then was Jesus lying (in Luke 24:38-39) when he advised his disciples he was not a ghost simply because he had a entire body of flesh and bones?

Enjoy the factors made by I Attempt, that Jesus, a best, sinless man, was forsaken by his heavenly Father just ahead of he died when all the sins of the world (past, existing and long term) had been laid on him. “The struggling he have to have endured for our sakes is past understanding.” Amen to that.

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Solution by Nozdormu
Jesus produced no sacrifice.

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