Query by what: what the hell does this bbC gobbledygook indicate?
politically correctisumisum is so stupid, the bbc cannot even report the facts in a meaningful way any more.

A London council has been accused of starting “social cleansing” in the capital by asking a Stoke housing association to take on up to 500 households on housing benefit.

Newham Council says it can no longer afford to property tenants on its waiting checklist in private accommodation.

The gap between market place rents and the housing allowance is too large, it says.

But the association says such a move could mark the begin of “1000’s of needy people” being dumped elsewhere.

Labour MPs say the determination to seek accommodation outside London is proof that the government’s policy of capping housing benefit is currently “starting to unravel”.

Olympic effect
Newham Council, which is Labour-managed, is in the east of the city and will host this summer’s Olympics.

It has written to the Brighter Futures Housing Association in Stoke, providing it the “chance” to lease homes to it.

The letter says the neighborhood private rental sector is beginning to “overheat” simply because of the “onset of the Olympic Video games and the buoyant youthful professionals market”.

It says the council can no longer afford to property tenants on its waiting listing in private accommodation as the gap between marketplace rents and the neighborhood housing allowance has grow to be as well wonderful.

The council has been “forced to search more afield for alternative supply”, it adds.

‘Right-wing extremism’
The Brighter Futures chief executive officer, Gill Brown, has not formally replied to Newham Council’s supply but says she will not agree.

http://www.bbc.co.united kingdom/news/united kingdom-politics-17821018
assume it implies london are about to off load 500 sponging immigrant families on stoke, and that will lead to folks in stoke (adore how they contact them right wing extremists, how standard) moaning..
dialogue of stoke family .. hey we’re on nmw and capped household credits with two children and one on the way..,, what do you suggest there is no room in the system to residence us?

shut up you proper wing extremist point..

Very best solution:

Solution by WitnessofJesus
i have no thought what you are speaking about, but i do agree on your 1st detail

government is corrupt world wide, there is no doubt about that.
the only likelihood we have for a pure government is by democracy and voting, but even then politicians, as it is established to be, can be bought and paid for.

get rid of the banks and their handle and power above the vitalities of life and survival, imprison and execute all atheists controlled governments, and politicians that would sell their personal grandmother to the gas chambers, since they would by no means defend freedom and liberty. do what God says, not what government says, currently being obedient to God, is most ofthe battle against unrighteous dominion

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