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Juice Machine with Fruit

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Juice machine and fruit. Discover how to do a juice cleanse on my site

Mountain Juicery, Asheville, NC

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New Juice bar in Asheville

Newspaper article Citizen-Times, Asheville, NC – 9/23/2014.

&quotNew juice bar to open in South Asheville

Asheville native and Enka grad Gary Steuber will open the Mountain Juicery with his brother, Joey Steuber, in South Asheville on October one. The juice bar, located in Skyland Plaza, will make smoothies to buy and bottle cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices daily.

The Juicery will make almond and cashew milk, which will type the base of smoothies like the Hulk, an almond- and cashew-milk combo whirred with a veritable salad bar of greens, dates and vanilla beans. &quotIt’s a revved-up almond milk,&quot Gary Steuber mentioned.

Steuber moved right here from Los Angeles, exactly where he educated celebrities like Channing Tatum in mixed martial arts. &quotThe studio called me to train him for the movie ‘Fighting,’&quot stated Steuber. &quotThey wished me to get him in shape. Some of these guys get a minor chubby when they’re not education for motion pictures.&quot

Steuber stated a regimen of juice operates wonders — of program, a entire great deal of exercise assists, too.

&quotMy little brother three months in the past started out consuming a smoothie for breakfast, and extra a minor cardio and bodyweight-lifting to his regime, and he misplaced thirty pounds,&quot Steuber mentioned. &quotIf the juices and smoothies are done appropriate, you can have vitality for hours.&quot

The Mountain Juicery will have beginner and intermediate juice cleanses, and free delivery, with a 6-juice minimum, inside of a ten-mile radius. Juice and smoothie charges will selection from -. The Mountain Juicery will be at 1863 Hendersonville Street. A lot more at 277-6006 or

writer: Mackensy Lunsford

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