5 Useful Benefits of Drinking Detox Tea

I would like to detail 5 of my favourite reasons for drinking detox tea.

Detox tea can be an extremely useful option to cleanse the system. Detoxification has the ability to benefit the wellbeing in many different ways, such as clearing the skin, soothing stress, and helping with weight loss. Without an occasional detox, the body can experience issues related to hormonal imbalances, kidney and liver problems, or brain dysfunction. Let’s take a look at a few of the positive benefits of detox tea:

Remove toxins

The body’s cells and tissues will see a natural build-up of chemicals, environmental pollutants, pesticides and heavy metals over time. This can have a negative impact on the body because it lowers the ability to combat diseases. A regular detox can help to improve the immune system and cleanse the liver naturally. The more effective liver helps to lower disease-causing inflammation.

Boost energy

A regular drink of detox tea can help to boost energy which is useful for removing the feeling of brain fog, mood swings and fatigue. Also, certain teas like mint and rosemary can be useful for improving all-around mental alertness.

Weight loss

The positive benefit of boosting energy levels and metabolism can mean you are left feeling that much more energized. Any worthwhile detox tea will include active ingredients like vitamins and minerals, HCA (hydroxycitric acid), catechins and flavonoids. HCA is particularly helpful because it has the ability to suppress the appetite to further help in the process of weight loss. Additionally, the natural and healthy ingredients are this type of tea are a lot more effective at keeping the stomach full compared to eating unhealthy snacks.

Improve digestion

Detox tea is great for improving digestion and particularly useful for issues like constipation, nausea, bloating and gas. The detox process will help to eliminate the build-up of waste material in the area of the stomach.

Good skin

Similar to having a negative impact on the body’s cells and issues, the build-up of toxins will also attack the skin. Simply being out and about can lead to the skin absorbing pollutants that leave the skin dull and dry. A detox tea in the morning can be a useful solution to naturally nourish the body and help it fight-off daily pollutants.

Overall, a regular detox tea is a simple solution to cleanse the body. It is very easy to prepare at home and most teas taste great. Also, the benefits are even more effective when combined with a healthy diet and workout routine.

I hope you found this article useful.

Our Cookware And Our Health – Is There A Connection?

This an important question and we should all be aware of it looking at so many health problems people are struggling with today. No medicine can help if the root cause is not identified and taken care of. It is beyond doubt that what we eat greatly affects our health – While healthy, nutrition-rich food nourishes our body and improves body functions, eating toxic and nutrition-deficient food can be a disaster to the same body functions and the organs.

Among the different factors, there is nothing more influential in determining our health like the food we eat. And the quality of the food depends on two things – the ingredients we choose and how we cook them. We put in a lot of effort in choosing healthy and nutritious ingredients, like unprocessed & organic, but do we pay equal attention to how we cook them?

In order to cook food in the healthiest way possible, we need the right cookware. While the market is flooded with cookware made from metals and ceramics, it becomes difficult to find the right one – a healthy and non-toxic alternative that cooks food while keeping its nutritional value to the maximum.

Pure clay (unglazed, primary clay) is an all-natural material that is a viable alternative to metals. All metals are reactive and form toxic compounds with nutrients which then accumulate in blood, tissues, and organs to form the foundation for a compromised immune system and many health problems.

Pure clay, on the other hand, is non-toxic and inert in its pure and natural form. It doesn’t leach and keeps the nutrients in food intact by cooking with gentle, far-infrared heat. The pots made from pure clay have excellent steam management properties that keep water-soluble nutrients locked inside and doesn’t release them through vents like in conventional cookware. So, the food cooked in pure clay turns out to be completely non-toxic and rich in nutrition.

As an added benefit, the cooking time stays almost the same or even less in case of slow cooking, and food cooks thoroughly with no need for babysitting the pot! This makes cooking more convenient and the food turns out to be delicious and tender, as reported by cooks who have switched to clay pot cooking for good.

These factors and many others have established the clear connection between our health and the cookware. Knowing this, it is important to be an informed cook going forward so your food can be healthy and so can you!

How to Detox Your Body Naturally

Many of us are trapped in cities, living a stressed-out life and with God-Knows-What poisoning our systems. Some of us are growing concerned about these imbalances in our bodies and seek out cures. Some of us simply want to dissolve body fat fast – as quickly as possible, in fact. Luckily for all of us, there is a new brand of tea on the market that falls into the category of “Drinks to make you lose stomach fat” – while being a completely natural detoxification method in the process!

Sometimes called “Chinese skinny tea”, Red Tea will help the body to dissolve fat – particularly belly fat – and, put simply, it is proving to be the best fat reducing drink out there! Where everyone has heard of the health benefits of Green Tea, only a few of us are aware of the boost that Red Tea can offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.

Arguably, Red Tea is as good as (or better) than Green Tea. Known as Rooibos, this tasty tea has a stronger flavour than its weaker brother and contains even more goodness. As well as being an active ingredient to help fight off Metabolic Disorders, this tea can also help in the fight against Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and Diabetes. However, one of its best features is the way in which it aids with weight loss.

Several weight loss drinks to make at home are complicated, require a blender or need time to prepare. This Tea is an easy to make remedy for many ailments. It also tastes less bitter than Green Tea due to having less of a Tannin content. As an added bonus – Red Tea is Caffeine-free, meaning you can drink as much of it as you like, at any time of the day or night!

So, what do you need it for? If you are looking for the ultimate drinks that help to burn belly fat, then this is the product for you. It can be used as a deterrent to stop you snacking, or it can be used to accompany a late night meal – contrary to popular belief. Red Tea will shrink those fat cells and leave you naturally detoxified with a healthy, all-round glow.

This herbal cup will detoxify your body, taste great and will leave you feeling fresher inside. The Red Tea Detox will help you in the battle for a fitter body, improving your health while it melts away that belly fat. As we know, belly fat is tougher to shift than any other kind, and is also more dangerous than regular fat because it surrounds and strangles your internal organs. So get on the Red Tea Detox now – before your health starts to suffer!

Why 100% Non-Toxic Cookware Make The Best Pots And Pans?

Are you using a 100% non-toxic cookware? The answer to this greatly depends on the material(s) used in making your cookware. Metals, chemicals, glazes, enamels, and alloys are known to leach metal ions while cooking. These ions combine with food’s nutrients and form toxic compounds that affect the health of your food by contaminating it and reducing its nutritional value. This is why your cookware has to be 100% non-toxic to cook healthy food.

100% Non-toxic Cookware – What Does It Take?

The problem is – most cookware are conventionally made from metals or ceramics and further glazed with chemicals and enamels. All metals are reactive (including popular ones like cast iron, titanium, aluminum etc.) and they leach ions when you cook food in them. This is the reason our ancestors never used metals or alloys to make cookware even though they used them to make tools and weapons.

For pots and pans to be the best, the material they are made from must be completely inert and 100% non-toxic. Unglazed primary clay is an all-natural material that has these qualities and this is the very material that has been used by one civilization after another for ages. And this is the reason our past generations lived longer and healthier than we do today (i.e. before the wars and before colonization)- they understood the importance and method of cooking healthy and nutritious food better than us!

How Is Pure Clay Better Than Conventional Materials?

Unlike other conventional materials, pure clay is naturally inert and doesn’t contain any toxins. Also, it preserves the nutrients in food by cooking it with gentle, far-infrared heat. And because of the excellent steam management by pure clay pots, the water-soluble nutrients that are typically lost as steam are locked inside instead with these pots!

As no glazes or enamels are used, the walls of the pots are semi-porous that allows food to cook with sufficient oxygen – another reason food turns out to be so well-cooked. Ever tasted or smelled the aroma of food cooked in a clay pot? It’s far better than food cooked in metals or ceramics – all thanks to the way food is cooked that keeps nutrients, natural color (flavonoids), taste and aroma of the ingredients intact.

When the body is regularly fed such healthy and nutritious food, not only do the toxins accumulated in the tissues, organs, and blood cleanse out but you will also experience an increased stamina, less frequent hunger pangs and lack of sicknesses like headaches or the common cold. With so many health benefits, who wouldn’t agree that pure clay makes the best pots and pans?